Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thirst All Around

Hamza Hassan Sheikh has joined the queue of the 21st century English novelists with his debut novel Thirst All Around. It’s the first English novel in the ever history of D.I.Khan. The theme of the novel is based on the life of university students. The feelings of love, hypocrisy, jealousy, affection and flirtations are apparent among his all characters. The novel portrayed the days and nights of students in the university campus. The diplomacy among the students to win the trust of each other also discussed beautifully. They parch for each other on the warm sand of the desert of solitude. The feelings of jealousy to overcome each other to gain the sympathy of their love, the struggle to win the emotions, breaking of bond of friendships and the breaking of hearts is apparent in his novel. He has also well portrayed the greed of human beings for woman among his minor characters which shows the opposite nature of human feelings. They have no concern with true love but only have greed for human bodies. Thirst All Around is covering the thirst of everyone.
Dr. Stephen Gill from Canada wrote in flap of novel: Thirst All Around is the first novel by Hamza Hassan Sheikh, a gifted poet from Pakistan. I have gone through his two collections of poems, titles Some Moments of Love and Museum of Reminiscence, which centre on romance, and passion. Laconically speaking, these poems are about unfulfilled desires. The first novel of Hamza is also about unfulfilled desires. In addition, readers will find hypocrisy, jealousy, flirtation and infidelity here. The novel is about love that is mysterious and above any definition, yet an important aspect of every human. Hamza is a craftsman who knows how to use the tools of fiction to sketch blackmailing and man’s lust for woman. Thirst All Around is a passionate story of a soul that looks for a well of warmth, wandering in the desert of solitude. The novel deserves to be on the shelf of every library in Pakistan. 


  1. It is really charming and well knit novel one can not help reading thoroughly

  2. really captivating novel once started one cant avoid reading it.Its the amalgam creative genious and sour realism.Thanks Hamza for such mental nutrition.

  3. A novel which brings with it the experience of being at the scenes. a delicate handling of the motif of thirst, a fantastic combination of instincts, an outstanding presentation of suffocating relations and much more...........!!!

  4. it was really a wondrous novel. i just could not help to end it in one sitting.
    i would like to say, after reading it: i tried to analyse myself, do i have any pathetic feelings as well...

    and quite right to say about the novel is ... it really leaves you with the feeling of unfulfilled desires. that leaves the thirst for the next thing..
    would be waiting for that.

    i want to ask something : sir, who was the main character???? ;)
    do replay.....