Saturday, December 18, 2010

Museum Of Reminiscence

In 2009 his 2nd collection of poems Museum of Reminiscence appeared which gained the same appreciation and recommendation from the international literary circles. The book was consisted upon 60 poems focusing not only on the past memories but also having the poems on social concern. His poetry transposed his combined feelings of hope, passion, anger and lasting affection. His short nature poems clearly reveal his life long love of the natural world.

International Review Writer and critic of England, Bernard M Jackson wrote in Metverse Muse, India;

“Hamza Hassan Sheikh a gifted romantic poet from Pakistan, it is great pleasure that his 2nd published collection has now come my way for due appraisal. A superb collection by an up-and-coming, young poet of international standing, Many will readily identify with faithfully emergent instances of his remembered past experiences, here crystallized into inspired romantic verse. Highly recommended!”  

His poems have also been translated into Arabic, Persian, Urdu and other regional languages.


  1. I got a chance of reading Hamza's book "Museum of reminiscence". no doubt that hamza is gifted with a keen eye and depth of expressions which makes him stand out among many others.A unique quality which i found in him that he takes the reader with him to THE MUSEUM OF REMINISCENCE of his own.

  2. a wonderful book to read. It was an enchanting experience for me to travel through the "museum". Good work man Keep it up. I wish him luck and success.