Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Moments Of Love

Some Moments of Love, Hamza Hassan Sheikh’s first collection of poems is an incessant flow of beautiful love lyrics from his heart to the hearts of whole mankind. Reading this collection is simply enjoying the sweet moments of affection, charm, beauty, desires, dreams and their turning it into reality and sometimes into nightmares, hope, happiness, illusions and disappointment arising out of love. He has beautifully arranged these love lyrics into the garland of this collection which appears to be a simple and sober offering voice to love. Dr. R K Singh rightly observes, “He sounds a human voice, dominated by an elusive beloved in a poetic world which carries a deft touch with emotion and feeling.”
This maiden collection of the poet is truly a splendid work in all the way. I hope his star of creativity will shine brightly in the canopy of literature. Mr. Ejaz Rahim says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Hamza, has taken the first step. In due course of time, instinct, emotion and intellect will bear fruit and add new dimensions to his poems.”

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  1. The first collection of poetry "Some Moments of Love" by Hamza Hassan Sheikh not only surprised me but touched my soul. Hamza Hassan belongs to a city D.I.Khan on the bank of Indus river, known as city of flowers.

    In the field of literature ,he brought remarkable dimensions. His fragrance of thoughts crossed boundaries through his first collection Some Moments of Love.In this materialistic society, where our souls, our way of life, our thoughts are imprisoned in machines. We have almost forgotten values of relations, joy,selflessness and real beauty but Hamza's poetry touched my soul like a rain which falls on dry, harsh, rough earth and runs a new life in it,his poetry sprouts out seedlings of love, joy and beauty from the depths of our soul.

    His poems imprison us in chain of of love for nature. It closes nature to us in so simple, gentle and honey like words.

    His love poems give us hope and make us to know the that life is so beautiful.

    His poems are scented with fragrance of jasmine, enlighten with moon, imprisoned in the ringlets of beloved, enriched with colours of rainbow. It rotates around sweet memories of someone special. His poems are magic songs of flute. These all are beauties of life which are being forgotten by us.